Laptop battery repair,

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My laptop battery died suddenly so I measured its voltage which was zero?
 Curious, nothing to lose I took the case apart and found the black
component arrowed
open circuit it is the main connection between battery pack and circuit
board, Battery measures full voltage before this device.
It's Klixton 10v9K 4MM70B1
this seems to be a thermal/current breaker
So anyone know were I could find a replacement,[1]
 If I can't find the correct replacement part I am considering replacing
or if wrap
or this

any thoughts on this welcome, battery is 10.8v-4500mAh.


[1] i have googled and cannot find anyone who stocks these and sell in less

Re: Laptop battery repair,

Mark wrote:
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If only there were a way to safely and temporarily substitute the
function of this device, you could check to see if the battery comes
back alive.
Sometimes, the safety mechanisms built into the onboard processor
won't let the battery turn back on.  You can't fix this by normal means.
Would be a shame to go to all the trouble to replace the open device and
find that the pack still won't come back alive.

While such devices sometimes fail spontaneously, it's likely
that something caused the failure.  Without fixing the root cause,
you're likely to be right back into the same problem again.

Note that for some batteries that look like yours, you can't get any
volts out the end contacts until the top two contacts are bridged by
a jumper in the laptop.  You probably have to check for volts between
one of the top contacts and one end contact.

In summary,
You should NEVER, EVER safely and temporarily substitute anything!!!
You should always follow the manufacturer's recommendations, which
state, in part, DON'T disassemble it.

I'm no lawyer, but I am afraid of them... ;-)

Return address is VALID!

Re: Laptop battery repair,

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...  and part of the reason for this is that the bare cells are a very
effective incendiary bomb*.  No one should ever dismantle a Li-ion battery
pack unles they really do know what they are doing including all the dangers
that these batteries present.

*probably more effective than the ones the Germans dropped on London in the

Re: Laptop battery repair,

On Fri, 28 Mar 2008 09:24:38 -0000, "M.I.5"

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Of course if you do not know what you are doing.
But manufacturers also tend to exaggerate. One reasons it that they do
not want claims. The other reason is that they want to make money by
selling new and very expensive new parts.
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Maybe you can ask the blockbusters to try to blow up the batteries.
Maybe it is as easy to blow up a caqr gass tank.
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comm on...

Re: Laptop battery repair,

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Why?  It was possible to extinguish the Luftwaffe version - difficult but
possible.  The flame was also only about 2 feet long.   It is not
(currently) possible to extinguish a burning Li-ion battery and they will
easily ignite anything remotely flammable up to 4 feet away.

Re: Laptop battery repair,


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