Laptop Battery Problems

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I've been having some problems with my laptop battery.  First, some
background information:

The laptop is a Compaq Evo 610c, running Windows XP and is about 3
years old.  It is a business laptop that has had very heavy usage in
the past year or so, but mainly on the AC cable since the battery no
longer works.

For the past six months or so, I've been having serious problems with
the laptop and battery.  When I first got the laptop a year ago, the
battery worked fine for up to two hours of use before going flat.  6
months ago, the laptop when on battery power started to suddenly power
off after a period of time, anything from 5 to 30 minutes.  This
steadily got worse.  As time went on, the laptop became unusable
without an AC cable - it was possible to put the laptop into standby
and walk downstairs before plugging it back in, but running the laptop
off the battery was impossible.

The laptop does charge the battery, but intermittently - Windows XP
will report 90% charge, but taking out the power cable results in power
being lost immediately.  The laptop appears to be reluctant to charge
the battery, the charging light comes on intermittently, and doesn't
respect the charge % of the battery (according to windows - the battery
itself reports fully charged).

My first reaction was that the battery had failed, so I had the battery
checked out.  A friend, with exactly the same laptop put the battery in
his machine, and it worked fine, lasting the 2 hours that the battery
used to last in my laptop.  As a result I can only assume that the
problem is the laptop itself.

Now, when on battery power the laptop will just about power up the 'hit
Del to enter setup' screen before the laptop dies.  Strangely, removing
the battery for a short time and then placing it back in will power the
laptop for a few extra seconds, just about long enough for the windows
loading screen to appear.

I've checked the Compaq website and there are no bios updates.  I've
read what feels like hundreds of topics here and all over the internet,
but none seem to describe this problem.  As I said, the battery itself
seems fine.

Any ideas?

Re: Laptop Battery Problems

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First obvious question: did your friend's battery work in your laptop?

Re: Laptop Battery Problems

This is going to sound stupid, but I never got an opportunity to try
it, so I don't know whether it would or not.

Re: Laptop Battery Problems

On 15 May 2006 07:58:58 -0700, ""

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It would be a worthwhile diagnostic step if the opportunity still exists.

Possibilities are that it is either faulty charging circuit in your lappie, or
the battery is not making good contact in the bay.

Re: Laptop Battery Problems

budgie wrote:
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I'll do my best to arrange this, but it could take some time.
Meanwhile, is there any other diagnostic work I can do to find the

Re: Laptop Battery Problems

On 16 May 2006 08:05:45 -0700, "Simon Birtwistle"

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Not that I am aware of.

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