Laptop Battery Problem

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I bought a new battery for my 3-year old Gateway M320S WinXP Pro laptop.  
Two of the last three times, when it got down to 15% battery remaining,
the computer shut down abruptly.  When I booted up and plugged in the
external power, the battery stayed at 0% for several minutes, and then
began charging.  Could this be a defective battery?


Re: Laptop Battery Problem

Hi Scott,

It could be a defective battery as obviously the 'laptop'
( ) should not
down when it runs down to 15% remaining. Has your laptop ever shut
down abruptly
before? Does your laptop become very hot before shutting
down? There may be
other reasons (such as overheating) as to why your
laptop is shutting down.

Place your laptop on a hard surface, without any programs running and
let the
battery run down to 15% to test if the problem continues to
happen. Let us know
the result of the test.


Re: Laptop Battery Problem

laptopfan76 wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it
This is a common problem.
A common failure move for lithium batteries is increased series
The energy is in there, you just can't get it out.
The peak current times the series resistance drops the output
voltage below some voltage trigger threshold and the system
shuts down.
It's possible to compensate for this with more smarts in the system,
but that has two serious negative side effects...
1) It gives the ambulance-chasers reasons to sue you if things go wrong.
2) It seriously reduces the revenue from the insane profits in batteries.

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