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I have got a brand new Tecra M4 and I am concerned about battery life.
Is it normal that after fully charging the battery it loses its power
while time goes by? Let's say I charged it on Monday and when I am not
using my laptop for a week the battery indicator shows that I lost some
battery power.

Thanks for helping me out, greetings from Poland,


Re: Laptop - battery life

Yes, that is normal.  There is some drain in most models even with the
laptop turned off.  [How much is quite variable.]  The only way to stop
it totally is to remove the battery.

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Re: Laptop - battery life

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If you are talking about a Lithium-ion battery, which nearly all modern
batteries are, then the battery itself will hold its charge for very long
periods of time compared to other types.  However, if you leave the battery
in the laptop, then it may be delivering a small, but significant, current
that will drain the battery over a shorter time.

If you are not using it for more than a few days, remove the battery.
Similarly, if you run on AC power, and the battery is not actually charging,
then anecdotal evidence suggests removing it will prolong the battery life.

Re: Laptop - battery life

New batteries, regardless of type require conditioning.  You will have
to discharge it completely and recharge it full a couple of time for
the battery to achieve maximum/peak performance.

When a battery is inside a laptop it will continues to give out a small
amount of current.  Over a long period of time this would mean an empty
battery.  It should not be the case in a new battery, where after a
week it would be empty (you would lose some charge!!).

Always use AC adaptor whenever possible and make sure your power
optimization settings are correct.

Also check out this website it may prove useful:

Good Luck
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Re: Laptop - battery life

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Not in the case of Lithium-Ion batteries.  Only Ni-Cd and Ni-Mh batteries
exhibit this phenomenon.  They have their greatest capacity when they roll
of the production line.  It then decreases thereafter according to a
combination of time and usage.

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