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I have to use laptop in train for 3 days but in train, there's no
So, what can I do? Is there any device that can charge
the battery ?
Please help
me !

Re: Laptop battery

In an earlier contribution to this discussion,

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Do you have an adapter which allows your laptop to be connected to a car's
12v power supply?

If so, you could use a power-pack similar to
and carry it in the train. Its battery has a far greater capacity than that
of the laptop itself. [This particular one is a UK model - but I'm sure that
similar devices are available elsewhere].

If you don't have an adapter - or if the laptop won't run off 12v anyway -
you could still use the power pack - but you'd then need to use a 12v to
mains inverter, and plug your existing mains power supply/charger into that.
Less efficient, and more kit to carry - but it would still work.
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Re: Laptop battery

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What country, what rail line, what particular cars?  Are you certain
there's no electricity?  Many trains have seat-power outlets or razor
outlets in the restrooms or such, maybe you need to ask again.

You can always carry along a 12V battery and a car adapter style power
supply, but you'll want to test it ahead of time and see how well it
works and how long it lasts.

Also, how many hours a day do you want to do what with your computer?
There's a wide range from "18 hours of gaming" to "an hour of

My brain is conjuring up a magnetic mount for a small wind turbine to
keep your battery charged, but that depends on openable windows.  8*)

Re: Laptop battery

You have several options:

1. A second laptop battery
2. A universal external laptop battery

Also most trains will allow you to plug in your normal AC Adaptor, but
this you need to find out from the train operators.

A universal external laptop battery is a laptop battery in a slim low
profile design.
These are able to provide an additional 8-9 hours on a single charge.

If you have access to electricity in a hotel or conference center then
make the most of it.

Hope this is useful.

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