Laptop backup strategy

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Here is the strategy I use to backup my laptop:

On a fairly new Windows setup I use Acronis True Image to do a one off
backup the hard disk image containing Windows, programs and registry etc.

I then use AJC Directory Synchronizer on a daily basis to synchronize to a
USB hard disk and another computer.  This is a very user friendly, powerful
program letting you review and change the list of files to be synchronized
before the job is done.  It now also optionally lets you archive files that
will get deleted or overwritten during the sync to a built in revision
control system letting you undo if you sync over a file by mistake.

While I am working I always have AJC Active Backup running which
automatically archives off a copy of a file every time I save it into a very
compact revision control system.  This means if ever I make a mistake,
corrupt a file or just wonder what I have changed all I need to do is right
click on the status bar icon do extract an earlier version of the file or
see a diff of what has been changed.

AJC Active Backup is completely automatic and requires no regular attention
once the initial setup wizard has been filled in.  It operates in the
background via a subtle indicator in the Windows status bar with hardly any
noticeable change to the computer's performance.

The backup archives created are very compact because compression is used and
only the changes to each file are stored each time a new revision is added.
An automatic purge feature is included to stop the archives from growing too

Andrew Cutforth - AJC Software -
The best folder synchronize and directory compare tool available.
AJC Active Backup instantly archives every file you edit giving you
unlimited undo and automatic revision control.  Never lose your data again.

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