Laptop always dim at turn on

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I know this may have been visited before but my question pertains to
my HP ZE1230 laptop. When I boot it up the screen is alway dim but I
can faintly see the windows logo and the windows screen after it goes
though the boot up procedure. My question is what is the output of the
inverter supposted to be?? I don't want to order the inverter and have
it be something else. Any help would be appreciated.

Re: Laptop always dim at turn on

Hi jprice & welcome to HTFC
Well, sounds to me like the back lamps, they'er a
wee bit like the ol'
flourescent tubes but they don't have no heater at the
called CCFL  Cold Cathode Flouresecne Lamp, they'er about the
diameter of a knitting needle.

The voltage inverter is usually a modual, yes
they do go sometimes,
unless you've got SMD soldering equipment the only thing
you can do
is to replace it, they churn out about 2,000V or 2KV for short at

The ones I've seen normally starts to lose the pure white emision, so
on white displays you start to get a pinkish tinge, then they start
the ol'
flickering syndrome.... having said that bet I'll come across
a tube that does
some other trick..!

The whole tube itself just slides out after disconnected
it's wire
ended leads, there's usually one at the top and one at the bottom,
unless you are getting the exact replacement  you need to be very
careful of the
length and more so the diameter.

So chances if it went all at once I would
suspect the inverter rather
than the tubes,  thus it may be beneficial to change
them both to
save time.

To give you some idea have a peep here-:


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