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I am ready to buy a wireless laptop (never had one). I work at graphic
design PS ,illustrator and painter.
I have a good desktop at home but I want to buy a laptop so I can work
outside while my kid is going to school.
I don't have much experience with laptop glossary - all the new name,
Pentium-M, core are confusing, is there a website where I can see all the
explanations to each? Or can I get recommendations - I don't want Celeron or
I want at least 1 GB Ram. any recommendations
Thank you in advance

Re: Laptop advice

You can get great deals right now on laptops with Intel "Core Solo" or
"Core Duo" processors, or you can wait about a month and get something
with the new "Core 2 Duo".  You could also consider a system with the
older "Pentium M" processor (essentially the same as Core Solo).

The original Pentium line (Pentium 4, mobile Pentium 4) did not work
well in laptops, so Intel's division in Israel invented the Pentium-M
line, which was actually based more on the Pentium III
micro-architecture than on the Pentium 4's micro-architecture.  This was
spectacularly successful, having both higher performance and lower power
and heat.  It was so successful, in fact, that Intel decided to adopt it
even to the desktop processors.

The "Core" line, based entirely on Pentium-M, then replaced the
"Pentium" line.  Partially this is replacement of the "netburst"
micro-architecture by a now significantly upgraded Pentium-M
architecture, and partially it's a marketing name change, but Core solo
is about the same as the older-named Pentium M.  The "Duo" models are
dual core (effectively dual CPU).  Now the original "Core" line is
itself being replaced by the "Core 2" line (the laptop versions are
announced but not yet shipping, but due imminently).

Look here for more info on buying a laptop right now:

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