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My Laptop AC Adapter is not working, the spec of the AC Adapt is -
    Input: 100-240V~1.5A 50-60Hz
    Output: 20V - 3.25A  (-) -- (.)-- (+)

I have a good old Laptop AC Adapter with following spec -
    Input: 100-240V~1.5A 50-60Hz
    Output: 19V - 3.16A  (+) -- (.) -- (-)

I wonder could use my old Adapter for my Laptop, please advise.

Willy Jair

Re: Laptop AC Adapter

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You need to pay close attention to the polarity of the plug from that
adapter.  It's difficult to try and show in a text email what the actual
polarity is but you need to make sure that + and - symbols on the specs of
that adapter go to the same place on the plug.  My Compaq ac adapter shows
the + going to the center hole of the plug but I'm not sure all laptop ac
adapters use the same convention.
I wouldn't be that concerned about the slight difference in voltage and amps
but once again, pay attention to the polarity.  Failing to do so could
totally destroy that laptop.

Re: Laptop AC Adapter

I don't understand your "graphics", but it looks like the polarity is
backwards, which would be fatal if that is indeed the case.  Otherwise,
the current and voltage are "close enough".

wjair wrote:
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Re: Laptop AC Adapter

The polarity of the old one that I tried to express is (left to
    First: +
    Second: center hole
    Last: -
which is backward compare with the bad one.
I guess I better not use it.
Thanks to all advices I got from this group.

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Re: Laptop AC Adapter

Wjair, "left to right" is TOTALLY irrelevant.

What matters is which polarity (+ or -) is connected to the center pin,
and which is connected to the outer ring.  The symbol could be drawn
either way in terms of left or right, but left or right is not the
point, is irrelevant, and only confuses matters.

wjair wrote:
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