Laptop -> 2560 x 1600 external display?

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Many of my co-workers are now using 30" Apple displays on the MacBook
pro's (even though they spend most of their time in Windows through
Parallels).  I'm a Linux user and not ready to make "the switch."
However, those 30" displays are fantastic.

Dell sells a 30" 2560x1600 panel - but bizarrely, it doesn't seem to
work with their own laptops.  I'm interested in the D630, but annoyed
that it has no DVI connection at all without a docking station.  Still
I'd jump for that if it had a Dual DVI connection and could drive the
2560x1600 display, but I don't think it does.

I guess I could try to run Linux on the Mac hardware, but I'm worried so
few people probably do that, I would be in relatively uncharted waters
and have lots of problems.

What's the holdup?  My old IBM T40 can drive a 1600x1200 DVI display
through a docking station.  That was pretty cool 4 1/2 years ago, but
now I see no progress at all.  My 1 year old T60p is limited to roughly
the same resolution (and it's a hot battery hog, thus eyeing the D630).

Get with the program, PC laptop makers!

Re: Laptop -> 2560 x 1600 external display?

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You may want to ask Mac users about the Linux thing in
comp.sys.mac.misc or as OT thread in Google Groups' Tiger List.
Ubuntu seems to be the most frequently used Linux on Mac hardware,
judging from comments from its users.  After all, you aren't just
asking for Linux to work on the laptop, you also want to use a 30"
high-res display & maybe some peripherals, too?  Be aware, too, that
unless they've fixed the issue Apple has major reliability problems
with the MacBook Pro keypads--each new model seems to fail about 3-6
months after introduction & require redesign.  This redesign usually
seems to work until the next model year drops the ball again.

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