KVMs and laptops

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How do I hook up a laptop into a KVM mix with other computers?

Is there a certain make and model KVM switch and configuration?


Re: KVMs and laptops

You don't.  A laptop is not seen by another computer, or a KVM, as
either a keyboard or a monitor.

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Re: KVMs and laptops

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Assuming your laptop has ps2 connections for mouse and keyboard, just plug
them and the screen in and it will work.

If you only have USB connections on the laptop and the KVM doesn't support
USB then connectors can be bought (we had Belkins for a while, until our
docking stations arrived), but a quick search found 123,000 links in the UK
alone (for example
or http://tinyurl.com/3th9s if the above link is broken).

Works fine for me (Dell 910 with docking station and Compaq desktop box,
both running through PS2 connections and an unknown KVM).

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