Keys stuck - Asus EEE 701

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My Asus EEE 701 keys are getting suck, how to solve the issue?

Re: Keys stuck - Asus EEE 701

On 7/30/2010 3:29 AM, Ganesh wrote:
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If it were me, I just would replace the keyboard. There are three tabs
right above the ~, F6, and the Pause Break keys. And this will release
this side of the keyboard. And then all you have to do is to disconnect
the keyboard connector and it just lifts out. I see many of the on eBay
for $9.99.

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Re: Keys stuck - Asus EEE 701

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    Well, I've never looked inside an Asus like that but I'll bet
you have what's called a ZIF connector.  Look carefully at the top and
sides of the motherboard connector.  You'll see a little door or flap
on the top OR two little knobs on the sides.  VERY VERY CAREFULLY with
a NOT-SHARP PLASTIC tool or your fingernails (if you're a girl, lol, never
saw a guy with ones that were sharp enough ;-) lift that little door or push
the little knobs out (pop them out a bit).  They're very delicate and don't
move much so be careful.  Now slide the cable into the slot moving the latches
revealed and push the door down or the latches back.

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