Keyboards of Satellite Pro 410 cdt broken?

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Hello guys, My olddies notebook Satellite Pro 410 CDT, with BIOS
updated to v6.20, which I am trying to install as SO w98se. I have a
few problems that I do not manage to solve:

1=2E I have formatted a HDD of 4.3 GB of a libretto 70 CT, in two
partitions one of 814 Mb and other one with the rest. In the partition
D, the major one I have copied all the drives of 410 as well as w98se
to proceed to his installation. These options I did it in the tower Pc
with Partion Magic and the explorer of Windows XP.

Reinstalled the HDD in 410 CDT, the screen shows me the following

However much I have looked in manual there is not done any reference to
this message, can they say to me that it happens?.

2=2E When I format the HDD in another Pc I must reserve an empty space in
in order that it is a system do his copies in way of hibernation?. That
is to say, in the Libretto 70 and 100, they save themselves 32 MB at
the end of the HDD. All that I owe resevar for 410 cdt and in that

3=2E When I start the portable one with a bootdisk of windows 98 without
ramdisk, which allows me to load the most basic thing in MSDOS, I
verify that the keyboard does not act as owes, that is to say, some
keys they show on screen characters that do not correspond to them,
others prove to be two or three simultaneously, others do not do
anything supporting the fixed cursor, for example, if touch the keys
"DIR", the screen shows "dioprt", Return, it does not even find out, if
I touch the key Y on screen PY appears and if I mess about P also
apararece ON PY, etc.

4=2E When I installed his HDD to him in the one that before it had
installed W98SE in my PC, there did not appear the message of the point
1, but once loaded WORD the keyboard was answering equally to the
indicated one in the point 3.

The truth is that portable this one would like to recover for labors
office and little more, and depu=E9s of enough hours I have not managed
to solve any of the problems commented. Please, if they can help me I
be be to them eternally grateful.

Thanks and best regards from Spain.

Re: Keyboards of Satellite Pro 410 cdt broken?

Your english is rough enough that it's difficult for me to totally
understand all that you say, but I'm familiar with this product line and
this is how I would start (I presume that you have the 410CDT, an
internal CD-ROM and external floppy drive).

1.  On some other machine, make a bootable floppy diskette using Windows
98SE.  Put the major utilities on that floppy (in particular, FDisk,
Format and XCOPY).

2.  Boot the 410CDT from that floppy.

3.  Use FDisk to delete all partitions of all types.  Reboot, then at
the A: prompt type:


to write out a new master boot record

4.  Use FDisk to partition the drive.  I'd recommend one single
partition for the entire 4.3GB drive, formatted as FAT32.

5.  Use XCOPY to copy the \WIN98 folder from the Windows 98SE CD to the
hard drive.

6.  Change to the C:\WIN98 folder no on the hard drive and run setup to
install Windows 98SE.  It's possible to put 98SE on that machine, and
it's relatively straightforward. wrote:
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Re: Keyboards of Satellite Pro 410 cdt broken?

Hello, Barry, Thanks for your answer. My english is poor and I have
used a translator web to traduce my commentary.

Yes, I have a models 410 CDT, but mu models haven=B4t internal Cdrom, it
have internal floppy and 16 Mb of ram. I don=B4t have external CDrom.

How do I do it?

With to the problems with the keyboard, what can you say to me?
Must I change the keyboard?


Re: Keyboards of Satellite Pro 410 cdt broken?

I'd still format and partition the hard drive entirely on the 410CDT,
just as I described, THEN put it into another machine to copy \Win98
partition to it.

As to the keyboard, see if the problems go away when you proceed as I
suggested.  Don't put keyboard.sys on the boot floppy.  Of course, since
you are not in the US and apparently English is not your native
language, we may be talking about a non-US machine and a non-English
keyboard.  I can't help you with that.  But I would not put ANY money
into a 410CDT.  In the US, on E-Bay, you can buy a 430CDT (or 435CDT)
for $10 to $30, and it's a much better machine.

Also, 16MB of memory is going to be marginal.  I'd look for a 32MB
upgrade (giving you 40MB total), but I wouldn't spend any significant
bucks on it.  It may be cheaper to buy a 430/435 with the memory already
in it than to buy an upgrade for your 410CDT. wrote:

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