Keyboard problem on an Acer

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My keyboard on my laptop (>2 years old) started behaving crazy all of a
sudden. Some keys seem now to be interconnected.

For instance, when the problem first started, I would get 'bgt' on the
screen when only typing the 'b' key.  A dozen keys were affected. I brought
the laptop to Acer. Strangely enough, when I tried to show them the issue
(before anything was even touched), it was slightly better, I would "only"
get 'gt' when typing 'b'.

After Acer investigation (they tried changing cables, changing the keyboard,
etc.), they told me it likely is a mainboard issue, which needs to be
changed. I did not want to go for it since it was quite expensive. Also it
turned out I could use an external USB keyboard with no problem, which is
what I am doing now.

I am still puzzled about this. I do not understand how the mainboard could
be faulty here, and I do not understand why the problem got better when I
arrived in Acer. It does not look like a burnt component to me... A particle
of dust misplaced? I tried to blow canned air in the internals of the
laptop, almost everywhere, but this did not help.

Any ideas / anyone had similar problems before?

Thanks in advance & Regards,


Re: Keyboard problem on an Acer

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I have an Acer Aspire 2001, and its keyboard was occasionally faulty
(typing "in" produced "iin") until I upgraded to the latest BIOS on their


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