keyboard/lcd combo?

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I've got kind of a strange question.  I love to work with my laptop
computer on my couch.  I rarely use the laptop in other places.  In a
sense, I don't really use it as a portable computer, just a very light,
small desktop replacement I can keep on my lap while I watch TV.

However, the laptop is somewhat underpowered and I am finding I am
unable to run many games I'd like to play.  Newer laptops only work a
little bit faster, so getting a newer laptop doesn't seem to solve the
problem (even if it did, the newer laptops are all much heavier than my
little old one, probably because people have become so obsessed with
having widescreen LCDs for some reason that you can't find a standard
display anymore).

Anyway, I'd love to be able to get say, just a combination
keyboard/LCD.  I'm envisioning something that looks just like a laptop,
but that has no processor/motherboard/etc..  That combination could
then be attached by wires to a desktop computer I keep next to the
couch or something (or even behind it).  Is there anything like that
out there?

Alternatively, is there a way to hook up my current laptop to a dekstop
computer and have the desktop take over the processing functions for
it.  I imagine I could connect video output of the desktop to my video
input to the laptop, but I'm having a hard time envisioning how to get
the keyboard/touch pad of the laptop to connect to the desktop

Any help?

Re: keyboard/lcd combo?

Nothing like what you describe exists.

You could connect your current laptop to your desktop as you suggest
using remote control software.  However, the video performance would be
very slow.

Actor123 wrote:

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Re: keyboard/lcd combo?

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Do a search for "KVM terminal".  Expensive, meant to be rack-mounted,
and probably too heavy.

Consider making metal or wood brackets that connect a standard desktop
keyboard to a small LCD monitor. You'll need power for the monitor, and
may also find that using a decently long cable for the LCD results in
poor video quality.

Personally, I'd prefer the monitor to be on a wall or floor-mounted arm
so it doesn't wiggle from keypresses.  That would simplify things.
There are wireless keyboards (avoid Gyration!  Logitech Bluetooth ones
work okay but have poor layout).  A keyboard with a touchpad can be hard
to find, but would eliminate the need for a separate mouse.

Warren Block * Rapid City, South Dakota * USA

Re: keyboard/lcd combo?

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a Mac Mini, LCD monitor and bluetooth keyboard/mouse?

Re: keyboard/lcd combo?

Good Man wrote:
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That'd work except for the fact that there'd be no way to keep the LCD
on my lap.  Not to mention all the stand-alone LCD screens I've seen
are heavier than a laptop (I guess manufacturers don't view weight at a
problem when its supposed to be set on a base.

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