Kahlon warrenty issue

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Hello group,
About 2 years ago I bought some memory for my best friend's notebook for
Christmas.  Recently, the memory has gone bad.  We have determined that it
is the memory because the computer was crashing with the memory in the
computer, and after removing the memory the computer works fine.  Kahlon has
a lifetime warrenty on memory, so I tried to get a rma and return it for an
exchange.  I do not have the original receipt.  Kahlon refuses to exchange
the defective memory for a working one because their terms of service
requires the original receipt.  The memory module has a sticker with a
serial number and part number on it which proves it came from them.  I tried
to get the rma through their web site, but it just has a status of pending
approval.  I called them up on the phone, and they told me that there are no
exceptions on having the original receipt for an exchange.  They told me
that the warrenty is only onered to the original purchaser of their
products.  When I put the serial number into their rma form and submitted it
for approval, it comes back with my name and address, so they know that I am
the original purchaser of this memory.  So, what's the problem with allowing
me to exchange this defective memory? I have the order confirmation email
they sent to me when I ordered the memory, but that doesn't have any
information on it except for the order number.  I am very disappointed with
the way Kahlon has handled this issue.

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