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Note: Netbux works same way but you can earn 80 cents a day insted of
How Pay-Pup Works
At Pay-Pup, we pay our members to search the internet. There are no
strings or gimmicks. You simply register with Pay-Pup and you earn
money instantly from your very first search. You will earn $0.02 for
every search you make for up to 50 paid searches per day, therefore the
maximum pay per day for your individual searching is $1.00. Note: A
paid search is one that is unique to your other searches, meaning that
you will not get paid for searching the same thing twice.

To make things even better, you will also earn $0.02 for every search
that your referrals make for up to 50 searches a day as well! Therefore
the maximum pay per day for each referral is $1.00. The more referrals,
the more money! Upon registration, you will be given a unique referral
url (also located in your 'stats' area) that you can give out to your
friends, post it on your website, blog, etc. We also have some images
that you can use to help advertise online with.

An amazing feature with the referral program is that if someone comes
here by way of your referral url, their ip address is recorded and
attached to your account so if they close the browser, disconnect (only
static ip's), turn off their computer (only static ip's), you will
still get credit if they ever return! You only get paid for one level
of referrals but you may already see an enormous earning opportunity

There really isn't much to it. You search the net and you earn money.
You refer your friends and you'll earn even more money. Your member
statistics are updated instantly so you can always stay on top of your
earned monies, referrals, searches, etc. We pay you at the beginning of
every month via PayPal once you have reached $50 or more.

BTW when you sign up for Pay-Pup, set your homepage to so that your homepage becomes one line,
w/o the adverisements, but you still get paid for your searches! (No
one knows this but me)

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