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We are 100 % free.
No listing fees No enhancement fees No membership fees.
No eStore fees. No fees at all. We have Forums, Blogs, Games, Videos,
and more to come all free and single login. Ewaey Broadcast is being
worked on at
this moment and will be back online soon. Also single login and
totally integrated
and customized. We just finished placing meta descriptions revelant to
each category
on all our main category pages. You can check that by clicking on the
red button SEE
ALL ITEMS on each main category. This is very important. Ewaey is now
working on its
second PORTAL which will be in the PORTUGUESE lanquage. Brazil and the
entire South
America is also our object therefore the need for a forum in the
portuguese language.
We are already recognized by the brasilian government. We are totally
legal overthere.
We do have people also working for us in INDIA and other places.
Security. We do have
our COMODO ssl security certificate installed and running on the site.


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