Is this the place for UMPCs

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Is this the right place to discuss the UMPC or is there another group ?? If
it is, anyone thinking about the HTC Shift when it comes out ?  I was hoping
to stay as far away as possible from Vista ..


Re: Is this the place for UMPCs

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They're more like a laptop than anything else. This group is as good
as any.

You won't necessarily avoid Vista by going with the Shift. /

One thing that's of concern is those VIA cpus underperform compared
with Celerons of similar clock. (yes I said Celerons). They're
designed to minimize power consumption and heat. As a result
performance suffers.

The via C3 was a pitifully slow chip, despite the 1ghz clock speed, a
p2-450 could have beat it for running win2k. They're not really good
for pcs, good for some specialty applications that don't demand much
processor power.

I've not had any personal experience with the c7 chip. Which is what I
suspect the "via processor" is.

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