Is this the end? (CMOS battery?)

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Hi, I hope someone can shed light on a problem for me.

I have an old (very old) Sharp 9050 --it's been working great for me for
9 years now. I only use it for word processing, and for that it's just

We had a cold snap here last week...I generally don't heat my office at
night, haven't for years.

Well, last week, I turned Mr. Sharp (as I call it) on and after a couple
minutes it went 'beep' then entered a PhoenixMiser suspend screen,
counted up all 32 megabytes of ram and then shut down.

I restarted it, it goes back to PhoenixMiser for the restore, then back
to Windows. Once again, after a couple of minutes, it goes back into
suspend mode.

I restarted it again, maybe another time. And then it stabilized, and I
had no problems for the rest of the day. I'm thinking by then maybe the
room is warm enough...

Since then, the laptop continues to go into this behavior-- not all the
time, and there's no predictability to it, and sometimes the computer
will be on for a while before it suddenly suspends. Other times, no
problems--the other night I left it on all night, and it was still fine
in the morning.

Since yesterday however, it suspended itself in the afternoon (I'd turned
off the heat since I was leaving for a long while). And this time the
Windows clock lost a few hours--like the entire time it was down, I

Same thing this morning--I reset the clock, then it suspended, I left it
like that for a couple of hours, and the clock was back to a couple hours

So I figure it's the CMOS battery running out (already dead?)...

But my question, can the computer continue to operate anyway? So far it
seems to want to keep working for me-- right now, it's been going strong
for a couple of hours already.

Is it possible this is related to ambient temperature and as long as the
computer is warm enough it will function correctly?

I don't want to buy a new laptop yet--this one doesn't have internet
capability and that's a good thing!

Thanks for any help

Re: Is this the end? (CMOS battery?)

The battery may well be replaceable, but you will have to open the unit
to find out.

mickey wrote:
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Re: Is this the end? (CMOS battery?)

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Oh I can't believe it's worth the effort...I have to say though, nine
years is pretty good for a of the keyboard died out about
four years ago. Then the connection in the screen developed a short --
I've had a clamp attached to the side of the screen for the last few
years, which means I can't close it of course.

My main question is: once the laptop 'stabilizes' it runs perfectly fine
for hours on end. Will this behavior continue?

I do plan to get another laptop one of these days. At that point I want
to convert the Sharp into a wall mounted photo album with permanent slide

Re: Is this the end? (CMOS battery?)

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And you are bothering us when you yourself don't want to put any
effort into it?

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No idea. Junk that thing.

U don't want to put any effort into it, we don't want to waste our
times either.

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Junk - junk - junk - junk.

Re: Is this the end? (CMOS battery?)

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Read the post dickhead. I'm asking a question about the behavior of the
laptop, not how to fix it.

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Now you're wasting my time, asshole. If you don't want to help out, just
don't bother responding to a post. It's a lot easier than being a fuckwad.

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