Is the fan on my zt3000 dead??

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I have an HP zt3000, about  years old.  Right now its hitting 71C
degrees sometimes 72 at 45% cpu util for 60 seconds.  Its idling at 64C
degrees, which seems kinda high for sitting idle.  It also seems kinda
hotter on my laptop then I remember before.

I have this feeling that one of the fans is not working.  I can't hear
a fan coming on and it used to be that at this kind of use I would hear
it click on.  However there is a hole on the bottom that looks like a
fan hole.  I look in there and I can't see a fan spinning but I can
feel a tiny bit of air coming out..very slight...and I can hear a fan
inside if I put it up to my ear.  I'm guessing that this is the CPU
fan..but I don't know how notebooks work.  Do they have both a chassis
and cpu fan?

In any case, my notebook is still under 3 year extended warranty with
Best Buy...but I want to make sure its really defective before I go
through the hassle of giving them my laptop for an extended period to
fix it.

How can I find out if the fan is working?  I tried to install Hmonitor
to try it out.  It shows me the CPU and HDD temps, but does not
register any fan readings.   Maybe someone knows a better util that is
compatible with this notebook?

What is considered a normal range of temperature and how can I tell if
the fan has stopped working?

I also already checked the BIOS to make sure that the fan is enabled
for always on with AC power.  Made no difference.

Any tips would be greatly appeciated.  There used to be a web forum for
this notebook, but it appears to have dissappeared, I can't find it
anymore sadly.

Thanks in advance.

Re: Is the fan on my zt3000 dead??

Try this...

find the fan exhaust grille/hole and blow into it...  do you hear a fan spin
up? If yes your fan is not turning.
If no it could be stuck...


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Re: Is the fan on my zt3000 dead?? wrote:
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IMO, if the CPU fan were inoperative, the notebook would overheat under
even low CPU load, certainly at 45% CPU.  The cooling system might be
fouled with dirt and debris.  Get a can of compressed gas electronics
cleaner and blow it into the exhaust ports on the back plane to remove
debris through the fan inlet.

Also, I would do anything *but* return the notebook to Best Buy for
service if I could avoid doing so.  One never knows just what the
BB/Geek Squad will do to it if it is returned. I'd rather find
instructions for opening the case and physically cleaning the cooling
system if the compressed gas doesn't measurably decrease the CPU


Re: Is the fan on my zt3000 dead??

Thanks for the tips guys.

I actually did open up the laptop today...didn't see any dust yet.  i
need to dissassemble it a bit more to get a closer inspection to the
actual fan assembly and make sure there is no dust clogging deep inside
the fan unit.

The fan is indeed working, but it comes off and on and doesn't appaer
to be related to temperature as it regular is off at 55-58C.  It seems
to be tied to how hard the CPU is working.  So if the computer is idle,
then even if its 55-58C, the fan is off.  As soon as it starts doing
some work, the fan starts up and I can feel warm air blowing out the

I also noticed while I was messing around today that the memory DIMMS
are VERY hot to touch.  I am wondering if something is going on with
those that is heating up my whole mainboard and effecting the CPU
temps.  I will try disassembling the fan though to make sur there is no
dust.  if there is dust in there it is in some hidden hole inside the
fan unit or something like that.  I also tried using a vacume cleaner
to suck everything I could out of all the vents and crevices but I
don't think it made any difference.

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Re: Is the fan on my zt3000 dead?? wrote:
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Oh memory chips gets very hot. This is normal.

Re: Is the fan on my zt3000 dead?? wrote:
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The inlet to the heat pipe cooler is the usual place that debris
accumulates.  The fan typically remains clean.  The fan might have to be
removed to examine the cooler.


Re: Is the fan on my zt3000 dead??

Got you.  I took it apart.  Looking at the inside of the copper heat
pipe cooler...a fan design.  There is a very slight trace of dust on
the tip of each fan.  Not very much dust at all.  Certainly not enough
to restrict air flow.  But, maybe it could prevent the heat from being
disipated from the copper???

Anyway, vacume cleaner doesn't work to remove it, will have to go buy
some compressed air today.

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Re: Is the fan on my zt3000 dead??

I found a small can of compressed air in my camara bad and used it.
That barely thin layer of dust apparantly made a huge diff as the same
test I was doing before is about 10 degrees cooler now...was hovering
around 58C for a 5 minute long test at 45% sustained to 61C
near the end.  Now the laptop is 45C at idle, perhaps even less than
that sometimes.

Thanks all!

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