Is my external HDD too big?

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I just bought an 250 GB external USB HDD, hooked it up, moved several
GB of files to it, and everything was working well until I tried to
shutdown the computer and I got the blue screen of death about a fatal
error and "dumping logical memory - disk 1,2,3...) I had to turn the
computer off and then reboot.  XP informed me that the machine had
recovered from a serious error (no kiddin').

My question is that I discovered today that the motherboard (Aopen P3)
only supports upto 137GM HDD.  Is that what most likely crashed the
system and if so can I partition the drive into 2 drives and solve the
problem.  I hate to have to take the thing back( I got a pretty good
deal I think...assuming I can get it to work.  Any help will be


Re: Is my external HDD too big?

No, the 137GB limit is not your problem.

The 137GB limit is a limit that applies ONLY to IDE drives directly
connected to a MOTHERBOARD IDE port.  It doesn't apply to any devices
that are not seen by the computer as IDE drives.  SCSI drives, USB
storage devices (even if they are ultimately IDE physical drives) and
even IDE drives on a PCI plug-in card are not directly subject to the
137GB limitiation of your motherboard or it's bios, because at the
motherboard and OS level, these are seen as scsi-like devices driven by
the ASPI layer, and not driven either by the IDE low-level drivers or
through the IDE hardware port (and those last two are where the 137GB
limit arises, when it does arise).

[Non-motherboard IDE interfaces, including both PCI IDE controller cards
and, in theory USB to IDE interfaces MAY, however, be subject to the
137GB limitation of their own.  That is, for example, some early Promise
IDE cards did have the 137GB limitation.  But the limitation arose
between the promise card and the IDE drive, not between the computer and
the Promise card.  Of course, later Promise cards removed the limitation

In the case of USB to IDE adapters, they are all USB 2.0, and USB 2.0 is
so relatively new that I'm not aware of any USB to IDE adapters that
have the 137GB limitation.  That's not to say that they might not have a
size limitation (unrelated to the 137GB limitation), but I'm unaware of
any USB to IDE interface devices that don't support AT LEAST a 250GB device.

Your problem really doesn't look like a problem with the USB add-on
drive at all, although I can't rule that out entirely.  And in my own
experience, I have had a number of such devices (USB to IDE adapters of
one type or another) that have been bad (defective).

[By the way, these things are cheap:  I buy USB to laptop ide cases for
under $10, and various forms of USB to desktop IDE interfaces (which
include a switching power supply of some form, and possibly a full case)
for $15 to $30.] wrote:

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Re: Is my external HDD too big?

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Thanks for the input and it appears you may be right...

I may not really  have a problem after all!  Today I hooked up the
drive before booting up, added files to it, shut down, and all worked
as it should.  So I guess I will just have to see if the problem
persists, altho the computer does slow down noticably when the drive
is connected.  But since it is simply a file storage drive to be used
to back up files I don't want to lose it usually won't be connected to
the computer. The "blue screen of death" sure got my attention and I
hope it doesn't return.  BTW , I have installed (and it works with all
other devices)  a new PCI USB 4-port card and that is what the drive
is plugged into.  The original USB ports are built into the
motherboard and are 1.1 (the old stuff)  but the new card is USB 2.0,
so I would think that if the 137GB doesnt affect USB devices then that
shouldn't be my problem (perhaps it's simply the fact this old girl is
a P3 that is 5 years old, updated to XP and running some old programs
that XP doesn't seem to like...they work...but seem to have issues
with the OS!)  

Seems sad that everytime M$ rolls out a new OS it seems to murder some
of my good old trusty programs that I have grown so fond of!

Thanks again


Re: Is my external HDD too big? wrote:
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I installed a 320GB HD in my Windows 2000 machine and used the drive
manufacture's cloning software. Somewhere it warned me that make sure
that Windows 2000 at least some SP and I think it stated the same for
Windows XP. Then it told me that Windows 2000 needed to reboot to see
the whole drive. Once I did, bingo everything was fine. And no problems
since. Maybe the same in your case too.


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