IPC TopNote Power Problems

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I'm trying to repair an IPC TopNote having the following problem:
it switches off without any advice. This can happen few milliseconds
after the power on (while BIOS is loading), after few seconds (before
OS) or even after few minutes (after OS boot).
I've changed the AC adapter, the battery pack, resetted CMOS, but no
I've disassembled  the MB and left it naked (no CPU, no HD, no RAM...
execpt BIOS): the same problem.
Supposing that the problem is to be found on the MB, does anyone know
where to find some documentation that tells me how to get around this
problem. A sufficient solution for me can be to "cut off" the damaged
components that switches off the MB and to give current to it
directly: no matter if I loose the soft-shutdown.
Can anyone help?

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