IPC Topnote F219 UDMA 2 only

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My Notebook runs only with UDMA33 ("current device use" UDMA mode 2), but
the SIS - Utilitiy says, UDMA mode 4 is supported. The German Archtec
Support says, the BIOS is responsible and the manufacture Movita does no
longer exist, so there is no BIOS-Update possible. I say, the IDE-cable
(with only 40 "veins") is responsible, because it doesn't support the
UDMA66-mode. Does anyone has this machine and it runs with UDMA66? I also
patched the WinXP-registry, but without effect. The HDD supports 66.

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Re: IPC Topnote F219 UDMA 2 only

Bernd Carstensen wrote:
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If the BIOS does not support other DMA modes, and there is no updated=20
BIOS, you are out of luck.  There are some BIOS vendors (Google) that=20
might offer some assistance.

A long shot, but if this computer can be identified with another=20
vendor's notebook who might have an updated BIOS, there is some faint=20
chance that the foreign vendor's BIOS could work.  This might well be=20
your best avenue.

=2E..just had the thought that *if* this notebook has an Intel chipset,=20
the chipset drivers might, possibly, be the solution.  Go to=20
www.intel.com and find the chipset identification utility to, ummm,=20
identify your chipset, find the latest chipset drivers, and see if they=20


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