IPC 7521C wont start after opening

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After opening my friends IPC 7521C laptop and closing it the laptop wont
start again. I wanted to change the memory to a bigger one and unfortunately
started searching the memory slot inside the laptop by removing all
components (too stupid, because I finally found the memory slot under the
keyboard - quite easy accessible). After closing it (without changing the
memory) the laptop seems dead. Reset wont help. Unplugging/removing the
drives and the main battery (not the bios-battery, which didn't find). It
seems that the power supply/battery is ok - after switching the laptop on
the diodes (hdd, power etc.) are on for a very short time and you can hear
the hard disk drive working - but thats all. The cpu is getting warm/hot but
the fan of the cpu-cooler isn't working (yes the cable is plugged in), so I
guess the cpu should be ok. I'm just curious if I can fix it by myself. I
cannot understand why it's broken because I put it apart very carefully
without touching any "vitally important" parts. I've checked all connectors
twice and everything seems ok... Maybe you can give me some tips?

Here are some more specs:

Laptop type: IPC 7521C
CPU: Pentium 3 Tulatin (Celero) with 1,2 Ghz)
MB-Chipset: SIS630
GFX: onboard, shared memory
Memory: 144 MB SDRAM (128 MB onboard?, 32 MB "extended" ram under the
10 GB hdd
14,1" lcd... 4 x USB 1.1, and so on

Thanx in advance and sorry for my bad english...

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