Inverter Problem?!

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The screen of my Gateway 400VTX laptop failed and after some research I
found out that it is likely the backlight or the inverter.  Now, before
this problem, I had to press the on button many times for the computer
to turn power on.  After the screen failed, the computer turns on after
one short push of the button (as if the earlier problem was fixed with
the screen failing).

Does the fact that something has changed with the power on/off provide
any clue about the nature of the problem?  Does it say it likely to be
the inverter (or perhaps bad connection?)

Is it easy to replace an inventer for 400VTX?  Do you have to open the
LCD for that?

Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Inverter Problem?!

There is a possible clue, although I think it's a stretch.  If the
inverter was drawing too much power on startup, the switching power
supply in the laptop could have been shutting down immediately at
startup.  Now, however, if the inverter has failed hard and completely,
it may be drawing no power at all, thus the rest of the laptop starts up
normally.  I feel that this is a BIG stretch and a longshot, however.

The inverter is inside the lid of the laptop, which has to be opened,
but it is not inside the actual LCD panel.  Replacing an inverter is
easy.  Getting a suitable replacement, however, is often quite difficult.

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