Intemittent operation of some keys

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One of the keys (the 'd') of my recent Toshiba A-100 laptop doesn't
always type. I touch type, looking mainly at my notes an don't want to
have to concentrate on the screen just to make sure all of the letters
are entered.

Right from the start I felt that the keyboar on this machine wasn't
really up to standard for professional use and woul like to sell it soon
on Ebay. Trouble is, my employer made a contribution towards its purchase.

Is there any way of cleaning the contacts on individual keys? Is this
easy to do?


Re: Intemittent operation of some keys

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Laptop keys are fragile beasties, I don't recommend prying them off on

That said, laptop KEYBOARDS are generally easy to replace, provided
you can find a spare.

It should be easy enough to get one from Toshiba. they might even give
you a free one if your unit is under warranty. Not too expensive even
with no warranty.

Re: Intemittent operation of some keys wrote:
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It is in fact only a couple of months ol and still under waranty. But
I've already sent it back once for another repair (which was actually my
fault, but they were very good  about it) and I don't like to claim
again so soon.

If a key has gone faulty after only a couple of months, I can't bear to
think what it will be like by next February, when the waranty ends. I'm
amazed that it should be so flimsy.

Re: Intemittent operation of some keys

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I have had computer keyboards since 1981 and I learned to type on an old
Remington typewriter that you really had to smack the keys to make a
good impression on paper. So I am not a touch typists per se, but rather
a 4 finger typists (6 if you count thumbs).

And in the past 26 years, I have never had one single keyboard that ever
went bad on me. Although I have heard of many of other people complain
about going bad on them all of the time.

I have a theory why this is so. As I still snack my keys very hard even
today. Not as hard as the old Remington typewriter which I still have.
And I never cleaned my keyboards or replaced them or anything.

So I don't know if this helps or not, but it seems to me that if one
smacks the keys a bit harder, they should last longer than your
lifetime. Well it seems true for me since I still have many older
keyboards which work just fine. Even a 26 year old one. And a 23 years
old laptop one as well (Epson PX-8 1984 era).


Re: Intemittent operation of some keys

BillW50 wrote:
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I'd agree, but that's not a relevant observation.
Keyboards made 26 years ago were built like a tank.  Heavy, thick,
reliable, EXPENSIVE.

The crap you buy today is built to be CHEAP...CHEAP...CHEAP!!!
Completely different technology and materials, thin, light, did I
mention CHEAP!

My test for a good keyboard is to press each key as far off center as
possible.  If it operates smoothly and with exactly the same pressure
as when you press the center, it's a good keyboard.  If there's the
slightest friction in the
off-center test, you can count on wear binding up some of the keys

This is particularly bad with laptops.
Laptop keys are typically closer together.  Not much closer, just enough
that you press the keys off center...

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Re: Intemittent operation of some keys

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Very good point Mike. Thanks!


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