Intellipoint 5.2 configuring buttons for touchpad instead of external mouse

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I just got a new laptop with internal bluetooth and an Intellimouse
Explorer for Bluetooth.  Everything is working fine, except that I
can't configure the buttons for the Intellimouse.

I installed the latest Intellipoint, and the Mouse control panel shows
me a pretty picture of the Intellimouse Explorer for Bluetooth and lets
me configure the buttons.  But my selections have no effect on the
Intellimouse -- instead, they change what the buttons of my touchpad

This seems like it would be a perfectly common configuration -- a
bluetooth mouse  on a laptop, with the touchpad visible as a PS/2
mouse.  Yet the Intellipoint software is handling it completely wrong.
I've spent quite a while googling for help and haven't found anything
(except for a possible fix that involves editing msinput.ini, which
doesn't exist past Intellipoint 2.2).

Has anyone run into this before, or does anyone have any good ideas on
how to fix it?


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