Intel processor specs question

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I am looking at two notebooks.

for basic web surfing, writing small word docs, making small powerpoint
presentations and basic photo editing (cropping, colour balance
changing, that sort of stuff).

I can't make head or tails of the specs I can find on the net about the

can anyone give me a very simple answer as to the following two

which combination below would be fastest?

Would I notice any difference?

Intel Core 2 Duo Mobile T5500 2MB Cache Dual Core Processor
with 2GB DDR2 667MHz Memory

Intel Core Duo T2350 2mb Cache Dual Core Processor
1GB DDR2 667MHz Memory


Re: Intel processor specs question

You can bump the memory on the 2nd laptop up to 2GB for probably about $50.

Core 2 Duo is a generation later than Core Duo.  IF the speeds of
everything are identical, it should be about 15% faster.

In fact, however, a Core 2 Duo T5500 is a 1.66GHz CPU, while the Core
Duo T2350 is 1.86GHz.

You can't directly compare CPUs based on clock speeds when they are in
different families.  But there are some benchmarks, and based on these,
there is almost no difference between these two processors.

Nospam wrote:
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Re: Intel processor specs question

Thanks for the link, just what I wanted.

The stuff I found from my search, obviously I need more practice at
searching techniques, was far too complicated.

That table and your comments gave me all I need to know thanks for your

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Re: Intel Core 2 Duo processor specs question

  If I could be presumptuous enough to hi-jack this thread for a moment,
I, too, have a question that's been bothering me concerning Intel's Core
2 Duo processors in notebook computers.

  Specifically, what exactly is the significance of all the T7100,
T7300, T7700 and whatnot designations?  I mean, what does the "T" stand
for and does a higher number after it mean it's newer or better than a
lower number?  Like, is a 7300 somehow "better" than a 7100 and if so,
in what way?  Are different numbers better for different applications or
somethin'?  I'm very curious.

  I tuly hope that these are not stupid questions as I am asking
sincerely and would definitely be grateful for a serious response.  I
have gone to a coupe of computer stores and similarly enquired, but, to
be honest, neither the sales persons nor techs really had any idea what
these processor numbers mean!

  Thanks in advance for your time and consideration, and I will be
looking forward to your replies!

                 Western New York

Re: Intel Core 2 Duo processor specs question

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That's what confused me I have to admit.


Re: Intel Core 2 Duo processor specs question

Scott wrote:

Here: =


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