intel 2915abg wireless troubles

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Hi All,

I'm having frustrating problems with my intel 2915abg wireless card in
my ibm t43 2668-73u laptop.  I can _sometimes_ connect to wireless
networks these days, but it drops out quickly.  Most of the time
however, it gets through all of the connection procedure, but then
fails when trying to obtain an IP.  It gives me "error code 096", "DHCP
server not responding".

I've tried this with a number of networks, so I know it's a problem on
my laptop.  I've tried driver verions and, and
neither seem to help things at all.  I've looked at my TCP/IP settings,
and all seems to be in order.  I've tried sniffing packets with
etherreal, but that's not working as it seems it first needs an
assigned IP before it can pick up the packets (I've tried enabling
promiscuous mode, to no avail).

Thanks for any help anyone can offer!


Re: intel 2915abg wireless troubles

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Open the connection properties, Authentication tab, find the setting for
Enable 802.1x Authentication and uncheck the box.  Open TCP/IP
properties, Advanced button, Options tab, Properties button and uncheck
Enable TCP/IP filtering.  Also, make sure that your wireless NIC and
your router or access point are on the same channel, and that SSID
broadcasting is turned on in the router.   Place only your wireless
network in Preferred networks, set Access Point only, do not allow
automatic connections to non-preferred networks.  Lastly, set the
wireless channel to something other than 6, and keep all of your
wireless telephones and cell phones away from the computer.


Re: intel 2915abg wireless troubles


Thanks for your reply.  Can you be more specific about how to get to
"connection properties"?  I'm not finding any Authentication tab in any
of the usual places.  Thanks...


Re: intel 2915abg wireless troubles wrote:

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The Intel 2915abg (and the Intel 2200bg) have driver problems. The
transmit signal strength, though settable, doesn't stick. The transmit
speed varies greatly. When the transmit speed reaches 1mbps, no
information is transferred. I have that card and regret having bought it.

You trouble, however, does not sound like it is associated with the
known problems with the card.

I'd suggest that you remove the device in the device manager, reboot,
and reinstall the drivers (manually point to the drivers rather than
letting windows reinstall its own copy).

Try also to repair the connection.

Luck. You need it with this device.

Re: intel 2915abg wireless troubles wrote:

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I had this problem with my son's Alienware laptop. A software update
somewhere along the line killed the wireless connection. If I was right
on top of the wireless router I got a weak connection. More than 10 feet
away, still line-of-sight, and I got dropped connections constantly. It
would only stay connected for seconds at a time. I fiddled with every
setting know to man, then rolled back the drivers. I uninstalled the
drivers and manually re-installed them. No joy. I even opened up the
laptop, physically removed the mini pci card, and checked the
connectors. I put it back being super careful to make sure the antenna
was firmly connected, and still no luck. Finally I reinstalled the
entire operating system (WinXP Home) from the factory respawn kit, and
the problem went away.

Maybe it was not an update that hosed the wireless, but rather a
stubborn piece of spyware or a virus. Norton Anti-Virus detected
nothing, and I was running both AdWare and Spybot for the usual variety
of malware, but perhaps a sneaky piece of that garbage did some damage.
Restoring the hard drive to factory-new settings was the only solution.
I don't recommend this action lightly as you lose everything you don't
have backed up. But if you're at the end of your rope, it might be worth

Re: intel 2915abg wireless troubles

You could have a winsock problem.  See following site for repairing.;en-us;811259

Re: intel 2915abg wireless troubles


Thanks for the tip, but the symptoms of the article you reference do
not match my issue.


Re: intel 2915abg wireless troubles

Hi RAS and Jerry,

Yep, basically, this card sucks.  Or, at least its driver does.
However, the problems you both mention above aren't the ones I'm
encountering before.  I had problems in the past with the connection
dropping out, but it sounds like intel is trying to address that issue
with driver version

My problem is not with signal strength or fluctuating throughput
levels.  Rather, for some reason, it sees the signal just fine, but
gets stuck when trying to assign the dchp IP address.

Stranger still, it works occassionaly, as evidenced by my being able to
post here!


Re: intel 2915abg wireless troubles

If you are using a home router, you can always assign the IP address
manually in TCP/IP.  This makes it unnecessary for the router to assign
the IP address.  I've done this myself, and it seems to make for a more
reliable connection.  You get the settings to put in manually, by
viewing the settings when you have a good connection (on those times
that it works).

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