installing XP on Lenovo 550

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I have a Lenovo G550 laptop with Windows 7 pre-installed (no installation
disk from MS but a startup disk created immediately after installation). I
have no problem using the Laptop and Windows 7 since I am currently using it
at home where I have some friends around to consult in case of a problem. My
son who is going abroad for a few weeks wants to take the Laptop with him
after installing XP SP2 on it, if this is feasible. If that works, will the
software like Easy Capture with the built-in camera , LG Power Tools, VLC
Media Player  and other software pre-installed on the Laptop work under XP?
Or have I to search for drivers which will enable these applications work
under XP?

When he returns, I plan to install Windows 7 back again on the laptop using
the startup disk.

P. Jayant

Re: installing XP on Lenovo 550

Really better to just stick with Windows 7.

There is no telling what will happen if you install XP (which should be
SP3 not SP2, BTW).  All of the necessary drivers may or may not exist,
may or may not be easy to find, and as for software even beyond drivers
(for things like the webcam), there is no guarantee that you have it in
a separately installable form OR that it will work (under XP).  The only
thing you can do is try it.

***STRONG*** SUGGESTION:  Use a separate hard drive and keep the Win 7
drive intact and untouched.

When I have done something like this (which I have done on at least 3
occasions), it usually takes from 10 to 40 hours to find and test the
drivers and then get the installation working (if, indeed that is possible).

P. Jayant wrote:
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Re: installing XP on Lenovo 550

On 4/16/2010 6:19 AM, Barry Watzman wrote:
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Excellent advice. I did something like sometime ago when I received a
mini-desktop with Vista. It took an inordinate amount of time to find
the necessary drivers. I can only surmise it will be even more difficult
to go from W7 to SP3. But with a spare drive as suggested, and plenty of
time, it could fun ... if you enjoy this kind of project!

And if you succeed, make sure to keep the SP3 drive handy ...just in case!

John Doue

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