Installing Additional 256 RAM in R51 Series

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I just ordered a ThinkPad R51. It comes with 256 MB of RAM. I wanted an
additional 256 MB of RAM.  The sales person mentioned that I could receive
the ThinkPad sooner if I ordered the notebook without the additional RAM
installed and have the additional RAM sent separately to install at home. I
said go ahead.

Two days later UPS delivered the RAM and the carrying case. The ThinkPad
should be here in a couple of days (I hope).

My question is this.

Should I install the additional 256 MB of RAM on the ThinkPad R51 as soon as
it arrives and before I turn the notebook on for the very first time?

Or, should I turn on the notebook first to see if all is well and then
install the 256 MB of RAM?

Thank you in advance for your help and comments.


Re: Installing Additional 256 RAM in R51 Series

Leigh wrote:

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Ehh, I don't think it would really matter since the laptop should have
already gone through a testing phase.  But if you wanna be safe you can
just turn it on and play around w/it first (i.e. reinstall the OS if you
were planning to, configure your personal user settings), then install
the RAM afterwards.

Re: Installing Additional 256 RAM in R51 Series

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Thanks for your comments.

In response to your comment on reinstalling the OS, the R51 comes with the
installed configuration of the OS and software on a hidden partition on the
hard drive. I asked the sales person to send me a Recovery CD or a CD of the
OS and software IBM puts on the R51. He said he could not send me a CD. I
did not push him on that issue. He did, however, send me the instructions to
burn my own CD of the OS configuration on the hard drive. The instructions
were interesting. Once a CD is burned of the hidden partition another CD
cannot be burned. It is a one time only situation.

I would really like IBM's OEM of Windows XP Professional and their drivers
etc. Oh well!

Thanks again for your help and comments,


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