Installing 2nd HDD on Amilo 3438G Laptop...?

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I have a Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo M 3438G notebook (17" WXGA version) and would
like to install a second hard drive into it.  From all the documentation I
have seen that came with it and going on comments on the Internet this is
possible - yet when I open up the back and look where the diagrams show
where it is supposed to go, there are no actual connections for it to
connect to.

I opened up the small bay where the original hard drive is and there are the
usual SATA connections. Yet when opening up the larger bay nothing like this
exists where the second hard drive is supposed to go - just a hard drive
sized gap.

The FS forums are closed until the 18th and I can't find anything specific
about this on Google.  Has anyone installed a second HDD on one of these?

Re: Installing 2nd HDD on Amilo 3438G Laptop...?

Michael C wrote:

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I am not familiar with the Amilo, but I can tell you that if I look in
my dv8100cto, I don't 'see' a connector in the bay. When I sit it in
the bay and slide it towards the center wall of the dual drive area
that it does plug in and run fine.

You could pull the battery and power and use your finger to see if you
can feel such a connector.


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Re: Installing 2nd HDD on Amilo 3438G Laptop...?

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Thanks for the response.  After much searching and joining of various forums
it turns out that you need to get an extra kit to be install a 2nd HDD into
this laptop.

If anyone is even remotely interested you can get the kit from these guys - (Stretton Green Distribution Centre) for about

A little bit more info can be found here -,31,-Mx438-2nd-sATA-HDD-part-list.html

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