Inspiron4000 power button and keyboard problem

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I have an Inspiron 4000 that was working fine until the other day when the
following happened.

- Would not boot - cause was IBM hard drive had fused platters (cause
unknow but could have been heat)
- Installed new HD and it ran ok for a few days.  Changed the computer name
and rebooted but it only shut down.  Power button only turned on Num, FN
and CAP lock lights.
- Finally after multiple tries, pc started up.  Everything seemed ok but
when any key is depressed, pc makes a sound ( described as beep or chirp)
-PC still will not restart and if shut down starts up sporadically,
sometimes with the lid closed.
- Fan seems to work, but was noticebly quiet in the past.

Ideas or is it a bookend?



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