Inspiron 9100 screen is black

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I have a Dell Inspiron 9100 with a 15.4" LCD screen. A while ago,
I apparently had some static electricity on my hand when I went to
open my laptop screen. When I touched the screen, I felt a little
shock, then when I opened it I saw the bottom left corner of the
screen had a slight pink haze over it. This went away after maybe 30
seconds, but from then on, every time I opened the screen after having
it off, it had that pink haze for a while (which seemed to grow and
last longer each time).

A little while later, I bring my laptop to work and turn it on, and
nothing appears on the screen. I turned the screen off and on, and it
was fine again for a little while, but then the backlight shut off
again. I discovered later that I could make the backlight stay on by
dimming the screen, but for some reason the pink haze never goes away
when the screen is dim. And by this point, the pink had expanded to
cover the whole screen. And then a while after this, the screen
refuses to turn on even when I dim it.

So basically I'm working off an external monitor, which is a real pain
and I'd really like to get my laptop screen back. Does anyone know
what part is wrong with my LCD? I looked some online, and some people
with similar problems were told it could be their "inverter"
or their backlight. I don't even know what the inverter is, and I
don't know how to replace either one myself (which I'd like to do
instead of going to an "expert" that will charge me half my
life's savings... I'm trying to sell this laptop in a few months, and
I want to at least be able to make a profit from it).


Re: Inspiron 9100 screen is black

could be the inverter or the backlight itself.
Since you can use it with an external monitor it is obvious that the rest of
the system is ok.

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Re: Inspiron 9100 screen is black

kingofkolt wrote:
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The Red screen of Doom. Replacing the screen will fix it.

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