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My problem is my I8500 does not have a working CRT out.  If a monitor
is plugged in, when I press Fn+F8, the internal screen will shrink in
resolution, but otherwise nothing happens.  Nothing shows up on the
external monitor.

My big problem with this is I had this problem a while back, then I
had to get a new video card because the old one totally died.  I was
unable to test if the new vid card fixed this issue as well
(graduating, wrapping up requirements, etc.).

Now Dell Support tells me THIS $180 vid card is bad too and I need to
buy another one.

Has anyone seen any errors like this before?  As you can imagine, I
don't want to be spending $180 every five months, and I'd hate to
think Dell sold me a bad video card (really dulls my sense of
confidence in them).  If so, does anyone know how to fix it?

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My name is Mike, Iím a Technical Analyst at Dell corporate headquarters
in Round Rock, TX. Iím part of an internet outreach team developed to
interact with the online community regarding technical questions and
issues that customers face with Dell products.

If youíve talked to our technical support teams Iím sure theyíve
covered the basics like trying another monitor and running diagnostics.
In the end, if the monitor tests fine (Shows the Self test when plugged
into the wall, but not the back of the computer) and the Fn key commands
donít work, the VGA port is likely bad. You can, of course, try things
like 'reseating the video card' ( ) and making
sure the VGA port hasnít become physically loose from the card/board
(cracked solder joints), but if none of this helps then the video card
would have to be replaced.

Iím sorry to hear about the problems, but I hope this is at least
somewhat helpful.

Dell customer advocate


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DellCA wrote:
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Although I am not a Dell proponent, I surely appreciate your reading
this newsgroup and offering support.


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I should really follow up -- Dell has sent me a replacement video
card.  Thanks so much, and please pass on the thanks to the rest of
Dell for their wonderful support.

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Chris typed on Fri, 14 Dec 2007 19:48:32 -0800 (PST):
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Well Chris... sounds like you are in business for another 5 months
anyway. Please keep us updated.


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