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I have a an old Dell Inspiron 8000 that came with that shocking ME on it. I
also have another Dell Inspiron 1520 with xP on it which is only 2 years
old. Can I use the Inspiron 1520 installation operating system on my 10year
old Inspiron 8000? I have all of the inspiron xP drivers for the 8000 as it
came with a promotional xP upgrade package. I want the full installation
though,not the upgrade and that is why I wanna use my Inspiron 1520 xP
operating system disk. What problems do u think i will have? Many thanks to
anybody who can help!
Problem:-My Inspiron 1520 has suddeny started doing this intermittantly. I
power up but the screen stays black. So I have to hold the button down to
turn it off. So I start again! I may have to go thru this process 3 or 4
times before it starts working perfectly. Sometimes it starts first go. What
could be the problem?Ihave tried putting ther ram in and out and have
removed the battery and held the power button down to discharge it-same
problem.Once I get it started everything is perfect and it goes like there
is/was nothing wrong with it. Anybody heard of this before? I have run a
hardware check on it and everything is working perfectly.

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Your Insp.1520 came with an OEM disk plus the drivers disk.  Use the
OEM disk and do a clean install to the 8K.  It will find many of the
drivers but check the device manager and see (!) if you need to add
some from that upgrade package.

Check here for install sequence: =

You will not be asked to register XP (in all of my experience) because
it is a registered OEM package.


Re: Inspiron 8000

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I'm not sure of your other problem...but it may be the inverter going-
out for your back-lit display.

Re: Inspiron 8000

On Mon, 26 Jul 2010 05:06:57 -0700, Bob Villa wrote:

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I just replaced an inverter in a Dell Latitude...same symptoms...easy fix
and inexpensive part to's a link for the steps to take for's fairly generic to Dell laptops:,dell,inst.shtml


Bob Villa and Blues2use

Thanks guys for all of your help!! By the way wldnt the hardware "search for
faults" have picked up an inverter problem?

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Re: Inspiron 8000

Travman wrote on Mon, 26 Jul 2010 14:40:14 +1000:
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This is either the florescent tube or the inverter about 98% of the
time. And it is hard to tell which one it is without expensive test
equipment or simply replacing one of them.

If it is the lamp, they can be very difficult to replace in some
designs. And most repair shops actually just replace the whole screen if
the lamp is out. Yes that is expensive.

The other 2% of the time, it could be the cables, the motherboard, or
the lid switch intermittently from keeping the backlight from staying on.

I only have seen others suggest that it is just the inverter and nothing
else. Well the inverter are usually easier to change out than the lamp.
And buying used ones on eBay should be cheap enough to take that gamble.
But  the problem could still exist once the inverter has been replaced.
So I don't be too disappointed if it doesn't fix it.

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