Inspiron 4150 battery question

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I've had my Dell Inspiron 4150 for about 2-1/2 years.  Battery won't charge.
After doing a little research, I decided the battery was bum and ordered a
new one last night.

Shouldn't I be able to run power from a regular AC outlet until I can get my
new battery?  I don't get *any* juice, at all to the laptop when it's
plugged into the computer.

I would appreciate any feedback you can offer.

Karen C.

Re: Inspiron 4150 battery question

I am certainly no expert on power supplies and batteries, but if you leave
the dead battery in the battery bay, the machine should run on AC power.  If
the internal power supply is somehow screwed up, all bets are off.  I'm sure
you will get some much more informative replies from the old-timers in the
group.  Good luck!

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Re: Inspiron 4150 battery question

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Kevin:  Thanks for your feedback.  I thought it should run off the AC only,
too, but someone told me they didn't think so (not a computer person,
though).  From the little I've gathered, the problem may be the power
supply/cord or the motherboard.  Hoping it's the power supply, because I
have a feeling a motherboard will be fairly expensive.


Karen C.

Re: Inspiron 4150 battery question


Check your local Staples, Circuit City, Best Buy or other such superstore
for a replacement AC power cord.  This would be the cord from the wall
outlet to the converter block for the laptop.  They should have one that
will work.  Take the original to match up cords.  It could be faulty, but
power cords last ages so this would be a long shot.  The cord from the
converter block to the laptop could be the faulty piece in the puzzle.  They
rarely fail, but it could happen.  You might see about replacing it.

Then there is the converter block itself.  It could be defective, but again,
these things seldom fail.  If it is a motherboard component, it may be
reasonable to repair or replace.  If the board itself is shot, hello new
laptop!  It could be more cost effective to just replace the laptop if that
is the case.

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