Inspiron 4000 won't shut off

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Hello all;

I have a Dell Inspiron 4000 that I have had since it was purchased new
4 years ago.  It has been sitting on a shelf for long stretches over
the last 1.5 years (we have another laptop in the house), but I am
bringing it out of retirement and upgrading a few things (DVD dual
layer drive, 40 GB hard drive, 256 memory) rather than purchase a new

The battery for the machine is pretty much toast, so I am getting a new
one, but I also noticed that the CMOS battery is dead (which I am also
replacing).  But, I have noticed that when I try to shut the machine
down, it won't.  It just keeps rebooting.  The only way to get it to
"turn off" is to pull the AC power and battery, which I would imagine
is pretty hard on the machine.

Anyone out there have any idea why this might be?  I did have some
regestry problems a while back, so I guess it could be something with
that...does the CMOS battery have something to do with it?

Any advice is much appreciated.


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