Inspiron 1150 lcd problem

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First I guess I need to ask, are Inspiron 1150 and 1100 lcds
compatible?  I am hoping so since, after breaking the lcd on my 1150,
I shopped around and discovered a 1100 lcd on Ebay for a fraction of
the cost of a new 1150 lcd.  Since there were a lot of listings that
stated that the 1150 and 1100 were compatible, I decided I would give
it a shot.  When I got the "new"  lcd, I realized that the
flex cable was different and that the cable I had wouldn't fit the
"new" lcd, so I decided I would see if the cable that came
with the new lcd would fit my motherboard, it did but...........when
starting up the computer the lcd would give me an all white screen.
After plugging up an external monitor, and messing with the display
settings, I have got the lcd to work, kinda.  It works if I start the
computer with the new display unplugged and use the external one,
after windows starts I can then plug in the new lcd, and it works,
and will continue to work as long as I don't restart the computer, it
will even work after coming out of hibernation.  Can't understand if
its a compatability issue or some kinda driver, or setting problem.
please help, thanks in advance.

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