If not AC Adapter problem for Toshiba Satellite, then what?

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I bought a Toshia Satellite A-75-S226 on ebay.I bought a new battery
because the old one wouldnt hold a charge for over an hour on LONG USE
setting. Well the new one had the same problem. It would die afer a
short use. So they said to send it back. I am put the old battery in the
laptop and was having the cord plugged in to the outlet while using the
laptop since the battery dont last long. I also did this before with the
old battery cause of the charge problem. It worked fine. Well I put the
old battery back in and I was using the Laptop for awhile and glanced
over and saw that the battery was being used and not the cable connected
to the outlet.

I would move the cord and the indicator would flash white, for outlet,
and then go to indicate red, which means the battery is being used.

I bought a new AC ADAPTER hoping it would fix the problem but it
didn't. It plugs in firmer though.

If it is charging sometimes the red charging light will go off and I
will need to jiggle the connectin a little for it to go back on.
Sometimes I need to jiggle it to start the charger as well.

ANY IDEAS about this that can help me?


Re: If not AC Adapter problem for Toshiba Satellite, then what?

How about the connector socket on the machine.... either the socket
itself or it's soldered connections wants re-soldering.

These little thing's takes a lot of stress with all the pushing and
pulling  and some just relies on the soldered connections to take the
stress, since solder is soft it will easily fracture with time around
the joint's, this is only a strong possibility.

There could well be other causes, many a problem arise with folks
pulling at the wire instead of 'pulling the plug', they soon start
complaining about the same effect because the wire breaks where it goes
into the molded plug connector


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