Idea for older Micron Transport laptop power cord strain relief

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We've had MicronPC Transport GX3 and XT2 laptops at work and I've seen
that the plastic power plug connectors located on the computer will
break, causing big problems when the poor connection causes the power
connector to heat up and melt things.  What a nightmare to replace.
Recently I saw that many parts-type laptops on eBay were listed as
having broken plugs.  In order to protect my laptop, I came up an idea
for a strain-relief cord and wanted to share it with those who may just
happen to hit on this post and may not know there is a problem they
need to be aware of in order to keep these older computers from
reaching the junk pile sooner.

Assuming you don't use the telephone modem, I'm getting good results
using a telephone jack plugged into the modem socket to hold the power
cord in place and relieve strain on the connector.  Use about 3 inches
of the cord, strip the outer covering off about an inch out, and fasten
the telephone connector with the inner wires (don't strip them bare) to
the back of the inductor filter (not the front near the power plug) by
tying the inner wires of the phone cord to the power cord.  I used two
knots to hold the cord in place.  If this is the wrong newsgroup and I
belong instead on, sorry.

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