IBM x31 to x41 running old disk programs?

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Need help please,

I recently upgraded from a IBM x31 to a x41 laptop, and to be on the
safe side I kept my old harddrive, which I had my main programs on, in
a USB cabinet...
after installing the new pc, i copied my own files etc and when it
comes to copying word/ excel and other data from the old disk that
works fine, infact some programs even run fine from my old disk(over
My problem is that I have data on the old disk, which is "encrypted" by
the program I use to work with those files, and cannot be just moved
from old disk dir to new disk dir...

What I essentially want to do is use the old laptop disk as the boot
disk on another computer( that isn't an X31), so that I can run the
program, and check abunch of settings and export my code from insid ea
code editor in the program.
Anyone able to explain what my options are?

My guesses are
1.get a x31 chassi and insert disk and all is well( downside, I have to
buy a new x31, which seems kindof over the top)
2. Insert harddrive into another machine(chassi) or connect via USB,
and boot ( Question is which machines will let me boot from x31 disk.
(does x30 work, t40, t43?)
3. install some sort of virtual x31 or generic pc on a machine and then
hook up the old disk and run (boot) from that and be able to run like
on the old laptop( i have no clue if it works or how to do this, but I
assume there are such programs

Thanks alot for any help, I am really up s--- creek, as I am sure you

Re: IBM x31 to x41 running old disk programs?

You can't use a hard drive from one computer as a boot drive on another
computer mode (or, sometimes, even on another computer of the same
model).  [This is a general rule, there are exceptions, but not many and
not that are likely to be helpful to you.]

The normal procedure is to reinstall the software application program on
the new PC from the original installation media on which you received
that software.

Encryption can be dangerous.  The risk of losing your own data is very
real.  Sometimes, data can only be accessed on the same exact machine on
which it was originally encrypted. wrote:

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Re: IBM x31 to x41 running old disk programs?

I would try this:
Assuming you  have Windows XP as your OS on that old HD.
1 - To be safe, back-up your "old HD(OHD)" to another clean HD by doing
a HD imaging (using norton ghost or any other HD imaging app).
2 - Set the OHD as the primary HD and boot from your  windows XP CD;
bypass the first repair option, when you get to the second repair
option choose repair and let it do its magic.
This process is also known as CLONING!

Cross your fingers and hopefully your OHD will adopt its new hardware
settings and all your apps will run. :-) .. This is the only way I know
of running most if not all of the  installed apps from a OHD on a new

Good Luck,

Fausto wrote:
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Re: IBM x31 to x41 running old disk programs?

On 19 Jul 2006 03:02:00 -0700, wrote:
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    Starting with the A-T-X models, IBM started a scheme called "Fleet
Management" or some such corporate blather. In short, it means that
hard drives are interchangeable among Thinkpads of the same generation
even if they're from different model lines - swapping your X31 drive
into your X41 or a T41 and booting should cause no problems. The idea
behind it was that an IT manager could get someone that dropped their
laptop or otherwise trashed it up and running again with no muss or
fuss with whatever model they had on hand.
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Re: IBM x31 to x41 running old disk programs?

Thank you very much for your answers.
As for swappiing harddrive into a x41  tried it, and it didn't boot.
is the chipset on x41 to different from x31, should i try on a t40,t41?
I will try ghosting the drive and repairing it, and see what happens
with the cloning.

any other ideas are appreciated

P.s. how do I make my nick instead of my email appear as sender( i was
spammed to death after ydays post), can't find any such option on the

Re: IBM x31 to x41 running old disk programs?

The issue isn't the chipset.  Installed Windows NT, 2K and XP systems
cannot be assumed to boot on any computer other than the computer that
they were originally installed on. wrote:

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