IBM Thinkpad T40 vs HP NC6000

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   Hello! I am looking for a laptop under $450. The two I have
narrowed it down to are the IBM Thinkpad T40 (1.5 Ghz Pentium M, 512
MB RAM, 40 GB HDD) and the HP NC6000 (1.6 Ghz Pentium M, 512 MB RAM,
40 GB HDD.) Both have 14.1" XGA screens, and both have pointing sticks
and trackpads. In fact, they are both extremely similar! I have heard
very good things about Thinkpads, but I have also heard very good
things about the NC6000 as well. I heard they are so similar is it
worth going with the HP to save money. However, the site I will buy
them from ( /) has the base Thinkpad T40 for
$395 and the base NC6000 for $385. This is a difference of $10, so I'm
not gonna go for the cheaper one here. There is the same thinkpad with
an 80 GB HDD for $420. The nc6000 only goes up to a 60 GB HDD, which
adds $30 to the $385 price, making the total $405. The IBM would have
only 20 GB more hd space, but be $15 more expensive. I heard that you
cannot access like 25% of the HDD on IBM's without formatting the HD
due to the recovery partition... I am typing this on an IBM PC300PL
desktop. It has a 500 Mhz P3, 12.6 Gb HDD, 192 MB RAM, and XP Pro Sp3.
It has been so reliable. I heard IBM's are relable. On the other hand,
I have not had very good experiences with HP's. We have 3, 2 desktops,
1 notebook. One desktop, the power switch connector on the mother
board got disconnected, and i had to fix it. The other, the power
supply randomly sparked and refused to start. The notebook ran so slow
and hot with its AMD Turion and 1 GB RAM with Vista Home Premiemum.
(This was my sisters laptop, and the screen broke and got it replaced
with an awesome HP laptop!) Please help me! Thank you! The link to the
40 GB IBM THinkpad T40 is here:
The link to the 80 GB IBM Thinkpad T40 is here:
and the link o the HP NC6000 is here: (with the HP, you use an option
to add the 60 gb hd)
Once again thank you very much to all who contribute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

Re: IBM Thinkpad T40 vs HP NC6000

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It is like comparing a Mercedes to a Seat.

For one thing, check their respective web sites. Thinkpads are
documented into the tiniest details, with full blow up drawings and
beautiful explanations on how to dismantle and assemble them.

A few years ago when Compaq finally went broke, after pushing crap
laptops for a decade, they were bought by HP. You run the risk of
getting a shitty Compaq with an HP logo on it.

Go with the Thinkpad!


Re: IBM Thinkpad T40 vs HP NC6000

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Thank you for your help! Funny story actually, about 3 days after i
posted this I realized to go with the Thinkpad! It only makes sense.
Thank you again very much for taking the time to respond! It is highly
appreciated! :-)

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