IBM Thinkpad T20 upgrade - opinions wanted

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I was just given an IBM Thinkpad T20 (model number 2647-61U). The
computer has 128MB, 6GB hard drive, a floppy drive, NO CDROM drive and
a battery that only lasts 10 minutes.

The CPU is a 650Mhz PIII.

It looks like I would need to add memory, a battery and a CDROM at
minimum to make this machine useful for me. A larger hard drive would
also me nice.

Is this laptop worth upgrading or should I just wait until I can afford
a new laptop?


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That's going to depend obviously on how you want to use it and how much
you can afford now. But not knowing that... what you do have is a
keyboard that is one of the best ever made, and a really nice design
that you're pretty much only going to find in another Thinkpad. The
screen is nice too, and 14.1" is a good size for  portability. The CPU
can be upgraded to 1 GHz (this is a "micro-PGA", 18 micron and can only
be replaced with the like), but I wouldn't bother. For memory you need
PC100 which bumps up the price on EBay, but still affordable. For
wireless, the best option is a PC card, and if you want a modem, then
get a miniPCI one (combo, if you want ethernet too). That'll get you to
all you need for normal use. It makes a great Linux box too, if you're
into that sort of thing.

Re: IBM Thinkpad T20 upgrade - opinions wanted

Yes.  Nice keyboard, excellent screen, very reliable and compact.

You could upgrade a lot of it, too, and may even be able to put a DVD-RAM
drive in it (check what bay it is).  Try typing in the model number into the
IBM website, and see what upgrades it suggests...

Otherwise save up for a new thinkpad.  :)


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