IBM ThinkPad R52 Password Removal

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hi every body;

I read and the post by "allservice" &
. It was a very useful information and I was so happy getting it.
However, I tried that with ThinkPad R52 and it did not work. The eeprom
mounted in the system is 24C64W by CATALYST Semiconductor Inc. I
reviewed its block diagram and found it typically the same as ATMEL
24RF08, with one missed pin (PROT) which I found out it works as a
protection for the chip. Since the missing port is always set high and
it it was not exist in the 24C64L, I assumed that both chips are
identical and proceeded with the instruction shown in the post anyway.
Since it did not work, then they were not identical. I was upset and
tried to find an alternative solution, and run through the Universal
EEPROM Programmer, a device that you can buy, and I thought if I got it
and took my eeprom out of the board and tried to refresh it or write
its information from scratch, with no password of course, it might
actually work. BUT since I did several trials and non has worked and I
still have my laptop NOT damaged, I thought it would be a good idea to
ask some professional first.... Any help ? would the eeprom burner work
as a final solution? or should I give up and just send my system board
to IBM ??

Thank you
Mohamed Elnamaky

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