IBM thinkpad problem

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Hi everyone,

When I got home yesterday, I noticed that my IBM thinkpad looked like
it had been turned off, but really the screen was extremely dark.  I
can still see the desktop, but barely.  The sound works as well as the
keyboard, but its next to impossible to use the laptop because of the
screen darkness.

Has anyone experianced this before?  What can I do?  How much am I
looking at in terms of repair prices?

Thanks in advance

Re: IBM thinkpad problem

There is a zillion ThinkPad's out there and all are different. For an
intelligent answer post an intelligent question with all the information
needed to analyze your problem. With that in mind the backlight or its power
supply is out. Get the hardware service manual from the IBM/Lenovo site for
the service information..

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Re: IBM thinkpad problem

The LCD (screen) backlight is not working; this could be due to failure
of the backlight, the inverter (the most likely cause), power components
on the motherboard or loose connections.

Cost to repair depends on the model and who's doing the work... ;-)

The inverter is the easiest to replace - you could maybe do it yourself?

Guy wrote:
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Re: IBM thinkpad problem

On Aug 14, 12:52 pm, wrote:
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Dan, this is a classic symptom of background lighting failure. Most
tend to believe that inverter as much as the lamp itself has failed,
but I
believe that it is most likely the lamp (CCFL) that failed. This lamp
is just
like a miniature version of the typical fluorescent and about the size
an 8"  spaghettti. Very delicate to handle and replace (
this item).  I have several inverters that I thought were bad, but
mated with an LCD panel with good lamps, it worked just fine.
are electronic components with tiny transformers and they rarely go
Check eBay for a complete display assembly that worked and download
the service manual for removal and replacement

Re: IBM thinkpad problem

Hey all,

Thanks for the advice, except the guy told me to ask more intelligent
questions.  I didn't like him very much.  Anyway, I was told that I'd
know if it was just a backlight problem if I plug an external monitor
into my laptop.

Is that a good way to know if it's just the backlight or if its an


Re: IBM thinkpad problem

On Aug 16, 9:50 am, wrote:
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Since you were able to see display images on the screen (although
dark/dim), the logic board is definitely working and sending display
data to the screen.. Attaching an external monitor to the laptop will
confirm it.  But, bottom line is you can order a "used" inverter of
eBay and it may work on your unit if "by chance" the inverter happens
to generate slightly higher voltage than the existing one. CCFL
in the LCD panel maybe nearing its end of life, thus the symptom
you had. BTW,  I would guess that prior to this problem, your screen
would be "pinkish" when it was first turned on( for a few minutes)
the last few weeks/months. Indicating the CCFL about to go out.

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