IBM Thinkpad power supply compatibility

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Yesterday I noticed that the power supply for my IBM Thinkpad T22 was
just a teeny bit warm.

This morning, it suddenly stopped altogether. It was then almost
burning to touch.

The markings on the unit state the output as 16v 4.5 A

I happen to have another IBM power supply lying around, from a laptop
long gone. It is very slightly larger, but  also states its output as
16v 4.5 A.
The barrel connectors look identical to the eye. But I can't get push
the barrel connector onto my laptop. It really doesn't fit.

Any comments?
Were there various different versions of the barrel connector in IBM's
history? Should I try to push very hard to get the barrel connector
onto my laptop?


Re: IBM Thinkpad power supply compatibility

The inside pins on the connectors have different diameters.  It would be
nice if the laptop makers would stick with a common connector for all
laptops using the same voltage and polarity (Toshiba did for models
using 15 volts ... basically you can use any toshiba 15 volt power
supply on any Toshiba 15-volt laptop).

If it's just a coaxial barrel power connector, you can pretty much use
any power supply that is 16.5 volt, proper polarity and somewhere in the
range of 4.5 amps (higher is better than lower, but in practice, a 3 amp
supply would PROBABLY work although it would be significantly out of
spec and at least potentially overloaded).

However, don't force the barrel connector, you could break off the pin
on the laptop, and that would be a much more serious problem.  What you
might consider, if you know how to solder, is a trip to radio shack for
a new connector (plug on the end of the power supply cord).

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