IBM ThinkPad i1400 USB Problem

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The USB activation settins does not appear in the expected place of the CMOS
settings of my IBM ThinkPad i1400 laptop making the USP port inoperable.
The USP drivers are poperly installed and are showing in the proper place in
Device Manager (Win98 SE).  I have used the IBM install disk but it does not
activate or install the USP port info into the CMOS settings.  Is there a
way to manually engage the USP port so that it appears in the CMOS settings
using a DIP switch or something like that or is the USP port DOA and the
system board will not recognize it?


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Re: IBM ThinkPad i1400 USB Problem

Harry Elliott wrote:
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Support for USB in Win98SE consists of nothing past installing the USB
hardware ports and drivers.  If you see the USB ports in device manager
(USB Host Controller(s) and USB Root Hubs), that is all you get with
Win98SE.   To use a USB device, almost every USB device must *first*
have its Win98SE driver installed before it will be identified and
function properly.  In most cases Plug and Play will fail to even
identify the USB device unless the device driver is *first* installed.
The only exception to this is a USB mouse which can many times operate
simply by connecting it to a USB port.

If the problem is with the laptop not having the USB Host Controller and
USB Root Hubs, then you should look for chipset drivers on the IBM
support site that enable the USB system.  It is possible that IBM has
issued a BIOS update for USB if the laptop was originally designed for


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