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hey im just looking for some help, i recently was given an ibm
thinkpad by a friend, it is full of spyware and viruses, and everytime
i try to download something to remove it, it blocks me form doing so,
i had this problem with my own computer before and had to reformat it.
The only problem is that there is no recovery disk with this thinkpad,
and even if i had one there is no disk drive. If anyone can help me
figure how to fix this i would really apprecaite it. thanks jamie

Re: ibm thinkpad

If it's one of the more recent ones; you should have the "hidden"
recovery partition available which will allow you to restore it to
"factory fresh" condition. Go into the BIOS setup during power-up and
look for the recovery option.

Phil Sherman wrote:
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Re: ibm thinkpad

If you have a floppy drive, get Fprot, put it on a write-protected disk and
boot from that. You can do the same on a CD if you have boot options. To
clean a computer can be an effort these days. It's a cat and mouse game.
Happy hunting!!

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Re: ibm thinkpad

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You could order a recovery CD from IBM.  I did and it worked..OK..(had some
driver issues, but all in all it was worth the $20 or so.)

Also, you can recover from the hard drive.  I seem to remember that if you
power up and press the thinkpad button, you get into a recover to starting
system mode.  (If you still have the original hard disk.)

By the way, I have an A21P recover disk I am not using.

Re: ibm thinkpad

On Feb 5, 10:29 am, wrote:
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When getting a secondhand computer, it's good policy to reformat it
anyway.  The no cd drive thing bites, but there are ways of
reinstalling an OS without one. Provided you have a desktop computer.

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